Uit Mechelen Mapt, het vrije naslagwerk over Mechelen
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KV Mechelen/English

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[[Afbeelding:kvm.jpg|thumb|400px|<div>'''The playing fields of ''Malinois''''', as locals call the club since 1904,<br />from its then French name, meaning ''Mechlinian'', of or from Mechelen.<br />(The here still former roofs of pitches and business seats were<br />trashed on 3 January 2014 by a whirlwind in the rarest of storms.)</div>]]
'''KV Mechelen''' is the more successful football (soccer) club of [[Mechelen/English|Mechelen]]. In fact, it's [[wp-en:Belgium|Belgium]]'s most recent winner of any European football trophy. Its ultimate victories in the [[wp-en:1987–88 European Cup Winners' Cup|1987&#8202;–'88 European Cup Winners' Cup]] and the [[wp-en:1988 European Super Cup|1988 European Super Cup]] put the ever Dutch speaking city internationally back on the map. On the national scale, this Koninklijke Voetbalclub Mechelen (Royal Football Club Mechelen) often played in [[wp-en:Belgian First Division|Belgian Premier League]], winning three seasons in the 1940s and once again in 1988&#8202;-'89. It held the 1987 [[wp-en:Belgian Cup|Belgian Cup]] and —‍  &zwj;like three times before &zwj;—‍  yielded in the 2009 Final.
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