Uit Mechelen Mapt, het vrije naslagwerk over Mechelen
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KV Mechelen/English

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Already before the turn of the century however, mainly financial problems —‍ all but or even truly terminal in 2003, only their honourable old registration number 25 saved by numerous generous supporters pushed by local celebrity [[wp-en:Mark Uytterhoeven|Mark Uytterhoeven]]—‍ have forced KV Mechelen to give some slack. Not having received their proper license so much as threw the club into third league during the 2003 -2004 season with an additional 9 points penalty. The inspired renewed team recovered soon enough, promoting to top division in 2007.
Spiced by the politically socialist and liberal, secular origin of <!--Wikipedia for as long as MM has no article in English-->[[wp-en:K.R.C. Mechelen|Koninklijke Racing Club Mechelen]] and the Catholic reaction that also in 1904 founded KV Mechelen, the perpetual traditional rivalry, be it not without chivalry, between ''Racing''&#8202; and ''KV''&#8202; culminates at city [[wp-en:Derby_(sport)Local derby|city derbies]], whenever they happen to be playing in the same Premier or more modest league.
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