Uit Mechelen Mapt, het vrije naslagwerk over Mechelen
Versie door SomeHuman (overleg | bijdragen) op 10 feb 2013 om 12:21 (A "creek" (in British English) is [originally] tidal - as is or was the Vrouwvliet. Mechelen "hectic"?... Let's say, "busy". Rewritten.)
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The Vrouwvliet is a creek, flowing through the northern districts of the city of Mechelen. It became a part of the city's spatial planning, which proclaims a "green belt" in the north.

It gently winds through several of the city's outer quarters and is excellent for cycling and promenading. The quiet, relaxing environment along the pathway by the narrow river, is frequented by locals to escape from the busy city life. A point of interest at its northern bank, in a same atmosphere, is Tivoli Park — about a mile before the Vrouwvliet comes into the river Dijle.